Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dinosaurs, sexy ladies and bear skulls - oh my!

I FINALLY learned/got my hands on a kind of hi-res scanner. And I'll tell you what, I feel like a big girl now. It's crazy fun and crazy intimidating to see your artwork in hi-res. So I'll post some new art work, some old art work that looks better scanned, and a couple tattoos! Lets do it!

Aaron got this awesome dinosaur skeleton just last week! What a great choice of dinosaur too might I add. We thought about shading the 'lil guy in, but in the end thought it had a pretty cool with just the simple linework.

Mark is back and we started shading his in progess insanity bearded jesus tattoo. Here's what we have done so far!

Jesse is a great artist himself! He got wanted a sexy beat girl/spray paint ensemble and that is what he got!!! He sat really good too because I know it gets ultra tender up by that knee. We just did line work today and maybe some shading in the future!

And here is what I have been working on art-wise!

I re-scanned two stippling images - and here is how they came out.

I got the urge to paint a deep sea diver helmet and there he is...

And finally, I did a trade with a friend of mine and here is what I gave him. It was very fun to paint, I have an almost obessesion for animal skulls. And for the background I got the idea to use cut out paper snowflakes, and spray paint the negative space as the background. I was pretty worried because it was really hard to picture how it would turn out, but I'm happy with the results and it was also very fun to do!

And after Christmas (or maybe even before!?!?!?!) I'll have lots more to show you all!!!!!!!! Hope everyone has a splendid holiday.

Friday, November 5, 2010

I skipped out of October blogging. Oops.

And with the recent addition of lots of new watercolors from my awesome boyfriend I will have many more paintings to come!!! And a few new ones tonight too.

First some tattoos!
Finished one of two skully heads on Brandon! Such a good boyfriend to sit so well!

Next Heather got her first tattoo (a large foot one too! way to go!) And sat super well! She got an elephant holding a ruby with her daughters name around it. A lot of great symbolism which makes for an very unique and fun-to-do tattoo.

Autumn let me draw up just a little ditty that she wanted on the side of her foot, and I think it turned out great! She has this ongoing color scheme or warmer colors like reds, pinks and now oranges in her tattoos and I think it's such a great concept to go with. All of hers flow so nicely.

Jessica came to me and wanted a cover up of a name on her chest seen here:

She wanted some nice hawaiian flowers, at first I was skeptical but after drawing a few things out I felt confident that we could give her tattoo a make over and better! And here's what came out of it:

Amanda had some font work done in California and wanted some flowers added thrown in so here is that!

Shawn here came in to get a little Mom heart and sometimes the most simple, classic tattoos can truly be the most enjoyable.

Today I started a zombie pin-up on Jane. It was so incredibly fun and I am just DYING to shade it!! She even got her dog zombified and thrown in there! How sweet is that!?!

And lastly almost done shading Eric's koi fish! Not too much more to go just some lotus flowers but here is a sneak peek!!

And now for some newer paintings/ish:

That is all, that is all, that is all, that is all

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll soba your pilot

Dear blog world, I am terribly sorry for my negligence! But just to make up for it I have oodles of stuff for you to look at!!!!

First, we'll warm up with some paintings! Well just one for now, I am sorry but still! It's something!!

A little toucan which was for my awesome hairdresser Beth!

Short and sweet, now onto the permanent stuff!!

Cory here loves his family so much he endured a painful one session rib piece, but well worth it. And his mom loved it -Bonus!!! It's true blood is much thicker than water.

Dave is in the military, and thought it was appropriate to get a small traditional flash anchor. I don't really do flash, but sometimes they are more fun than you'd make them out to be. Especially this type, I had a great time! Artist of the original flash piece is unknown.

Jenn is a great client, I love her stories and ideas and she sits so amazing! I did this piece on her - found in a folder under my Facebook page of tattoos that I will do for good prices. AKA Stuff I am absolutely dying to do and the pay off is sheer enjoyment more than anything! So here it is:

I lined another skull person on Brandon!!! This time a matching sassy guy, cigarette in tow. Hopefully soon we shall shade them or else I will be one sad cookie! :( They were so fun - and right above the back ankle in case anyone is curious -

Mr. Doug got an enormous hand piece for his sister all done in one session, what a trooper. Hands tend to feel "raw" pretty quickly so kudos to him for sitting all the way through no problem. Flowers are always obnoxiously enjoyable, so add a hand and some fun background shading to bring it all out and it's like a party in my brain for me.

Kim got her thigh finished (Finally) But her dedication to Avril I'm sure made the pain process "numb", haha. I'm glad she let me do whatever shading for the filigree because like it or not I was going to use pink anyways. Kim is such a good healer I envy her, wishing my tattoos healed that well!!

And finally, Eric decided last minute to get a giant leg piece, and hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So last week we lined a giant koi, lotus flowers and water. And some shading to come next week! Huge leg pieces need to be done more often, take note everyone! I cannot wait to go crazy with this one for sure.

In other tattoo related news:

Much traveling this past month - Boston Tattoo Convention in early September and just got back from Chicago a week ago. Received an awesome tattoo from Mario Desa while in Chicago, will show pictures when it is finally healed.

Also Rob tattooed a teeny tiny elephant on me and I couldn't be more in love. Healed photos soon, maybe.

Me not being in San Francisco for the huge convention breaks my little heart. There are so many amazing art shows also in sync with many amazing out of town tattoo artists being there. Something I will regret not attending, but alas there is always next year.

In other news news:

I'm on a giant sweater kick, I hope it never ends. GIVEMESWEATERS.

P.P.S Look at these awesome heels Brandon bought me!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Domo Arigato

I have been doing quite the amount of interesting tattoos. I love hearing peoples ideas, especially the original border-line odd (but odd in a good way) ones. So here they are!

On my facebook I have an album of tattoos that I reaaaallly want to do for good prices. ( i.e. stuff that I want to do REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLY BAD ) And Justin got this snake picture in the middle, no - not the awesome beer mug, the snake. And I was so happy with his choice of black & grey. I really love how neo-traditional inspired tattoos look with black & grey. Sometimes I think color can be a bit too much and his choice of shading was perfect.

Jenn got a Hello Kitty Zombie. What's so awesome about that? EVERYTHING! It was so insanely fun. I think I'm going to tattoo nothing but Hello Kitty's from now on. Period. Nothing else. The best part is that after this she's getting a Freddy Kreuger one on the other foot! Yess!!

Bryan is a duck hunter ( don't mistake it for the video game like I did at first ) A true duck hunter and thought this would be a nice piece on his upper arm and I couldn't agree more. He also sat amazingly. Congrats to basically every client I had this week - they all sat ridiculously well. I think about when I get tattooed and how much of a wimp I am compared to these people!

Joan got this here breast cancer ribbon with more filligree and mini-ribbons surrounding. She really deserved this that's for sure.

Above Chris got a memorial tattoo for his mother. It was a first timer on his ribs and he sat so great so good job Chris!

And last but not least, the lovely Miss Sara got a huge chest piece in ONE session. Incredible for her, a round of inter-web applause is completely necessary. This is inspired by the band A Day to Remember, and I like the choice of the heart being replaced with the open diamond. It's not so typical and I like that. I also am happy with the free reign of colors she let me have. She was an awesome client and this was a very fun piece.

That's it for now - a new update hopefully by the end of this week. Just a few more new tattoos to put in here, and lots of new paintings for your eyes to hopefully fall upon!! Also an mini-update of all the awesome trinkets and toys I got suckered into buying at the fair. And I love every single one of them! Including my new stuffed domo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been awhile

Not a whole lot of new art work lately, but enough to share.

Here's some linework I started on Brandon. I don't normally like to post "in progress" pieces but this one still looked pretty cool with just line work so why not!

Lisa got her wedding flowers and childrens' names on her back. She picked a good spot on her back I think this fits perfectly.

Stephanie had a lot of family in the military, including herself so I thought this was a neat way of incorporating her familys history into a tattoo. You can't go wrong with a bunch of dog tags!

And here's a skateboard I painted for Shannon's gallery opening. I wasn't able to get a very good photo so this mobile one will have to do for now.

And I'm going to end this on a cute, irresistiable baby animal note, because ... why not!? : )

Friday, July 30, 2010

"A day of worry is more exhausting than a week of work"

Normally every fortune received inside a fortune cookie I think is 99.9% jumbalaya, but this one, I believe I'll hold on to.

Here's some photos for your eyes!

Did this tattoo on Kim, lots and lots of lyrics from a song. Not finished, more shading to come, just the linework so far!

A 'lil hammer tattoo!

A painting of Macey for Mel's birthday!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

L'Amour is in the air

Fun heart accompanied by swallow & flowers done on new client Ashley today! Boy, if sitting well during a tattoo was a competition Ashley would squash everyone she sat like an absolute champ. Any who, fun lining, fun coloring, fun people - all around enjoyment for me. I want to do tattoos such as this every day for....ever.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I think I saw a double rainbow today

Started some insane linework on this crazy Jesus half sleeve that a new client, Mark got! It's basically Jesus with an out of control beard, some crazy hands coming out of the beard (the beard being tentacle like and pulling them back in. Here's a little compilation of the piece, I know I'm not the best at doing these multi-view compositions, but you get the idea. And it's only linework so once the shading gets started I'll be more tedious and take better quality photos! It's a start though, and a fun one at that!

Oh! And p.s. good news tomorrow! I think I'm finally going to be able to post the painting I did! I just cannot reveal anything about it being a birthday gift for a certain somebody and ruining a surprises is ont in my agenda!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A fair face may fade, but a beautiful soul lasts forever.

It's exciting when I can't fall asleep at night because I just want to stay up and draw & paint. And that's how I know I'm being successful.

(still in progress)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Drunk Sloth

Today was excellent, calm - not too busy or overwhelming, yet not too disgustingly slow and unbearable.

I tattooed an astronaut on Jeff, and it was honestly one of the most enjoyable tattoos to do. A lot can be said for just line work and black shading - some whip - some not. So here's the best photo I have of it:

Then I did some words and filigree on Hannah, and it ended up being an All Time Low tattoo, so I figured I'd post that up here too to show some love!

Also, I hope when I get older my kids have this outlook on life.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Wish I had a disgusting amount of stuff to post, but I do not. Maybe that's a good thing.

Here's a **black & grey winged heart. These I rarely get to do in black & grey so why not show it on here. Sometimes I really don't mind the simple tattoos.

Miss Christina was so nervous for her first tattoo, but she ended up sitting unusually well of course.

Also I finished this stippling face a week or so ago! I'll always love anything pen & ink. Stippling is so fun to me because you get so wrapped up in it and once you step away and take a full look it's one of the most satisfying and accomplishing feelings.

I definitely think I'll be incorporating that technique into tattoos more often.

Cover up mania today!