Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Here's some past tattoo work of mine!!!

Can't go wrong with a pink skeleton key.

Some Donnie Darko numbers!

Cute black and grey wings!

Praying skeleton with a snapdragon flower.

This is a compass from a Set Your Goals album.

Blue foot rose!

Hammerhead Shark on thigh.

Lil' purpley owl with some ornate border!

I'll be posting more in the future so check back soon!
Hey everyone,
I created this blog since all my fellow co-tattooers have had theirs or created one recently, and I figured I might as well get in on it too! I will mostly be posting artwork, sketches, drawings, paintings, and tattoos. Maybe a few randoms here and there. I tattoo at Twisted Tiki in Tonawanda, NY. It's a great custom shop with an awesome atmosphere. I love doing all types of tattoos. The only type of tattooing I don't do is portrait work. I really enjoy doing neo-traditional, but like I said, I find fun in every type! I started this blog as an artist looking to share my portion of art with the internet world. If you have any feedback, comments or anything, you're more than welcome to leave them! Any type of feedback is welcome and appreciated!

Much love,