Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Domo Arigato

I have been doing quite the amount of interesting tattoos. I love hearing peoples ideas, especially the original border-line odd (but odd in a good way) ones. So here they are!

On my facebook I have an album of tattoos that I reaaaallly want to do for good prices. ( i.e. stuff that I want to do REALLY, REALLY, REALLLLY BAD ) And Justin got this snake picture in the middle, no - not the awesome beer mug, the snake. And I was so happy with his choice of black & grey. I really love how neo-traditional inspired tattoos look with black & grey. Sometimes I think color can be a bit too much and his choice of shading was perfect.

Jenn got a Hello Kitty Zombie. What's so awesome about that? EVERYTHING! It was so insanely fun. I think I'm going to tattoo nothing but Hello Kitty's from now on. Period. Nothing else. The best part is that after this she's getting a Freddy Kreuger one on the other foot! Yess!!

Bryan is a duck hunter ( don't mistake it for the video game like I did at first ) A true duck hunter and thought this would be a nice piece on his upper arm and I couldn't agree more. He also sat amazingly. Congrats to basically every client I had this week - they all sat ridiculously well. I think about when I get tattooed and how much of a wimp I am compared to these people!

Joan got this here breast cancer ribbon with more filligree and mini-ribbons surrounding. She really deserved this that's for sure.

Above Chris got a memorial tattoo for his mother. It was a first timer on his ribs and he sat so great so good job Chris!

And last but not least, the lovely Miss Sara got a huge chest piece in ONE session. Incredible for her, a round of inter-web applause is completely necessary. This is inspired by the band A Day to Remember, and I like the choice of the heart being replaced with the open diamond. It's not so typical and I like that. I also am happy with the free reign of colors she let me have. She was an awesome client and this was a very fun piece.

That's it for now - a new update hopefully by the end of this week. Just a few more new tattoos to put in here, and lots of new paintings for your eyes to hopefully fall upon!! Also an mini-update of all the awesome trinkets and toys I got suckered into buying at the fair. And I love every single one of them! Including my new stuffed domo!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's been awhile

Not a whole lot of new art work lately, but enough to share.

Here's some linework I started on Brandon. I don't normally like to post "in progress" pieces but this one still looked pretty cool with just line work so why not!

Lisa got her wedding flowers and childrens' names on her back. She picked a good spot on her back I think this fits perfectly.

Stephanie had a lot of family in the military, including herself so I thought this was a neat way of incorporating her familys history into a tattoo. You can't go wrong with a bunch of dog tags!

And here's a skateboard I painted for Shannon's gallery opening. I wasn't able to get a very good photo so this mobile one will have to do for now.

And I'm going to end this on a cute, irresistiable baby animal note, because ... why not!? : )