Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'll soba your pilot

Dear blog world, I am terribly sorry for my negligence! But just to make up for it I have oodles of stuff for you to look at!!!!

First, we'll warm up with some paintings! Well just one for now, I am sorry but still! It's something!!

A little toucan which was for my awesome hairdresser Beth!

Short and sweet, now onto the permanent stuff!!

Cory here loves his family so much he endured a painful one session rib piece, but well worth it. And his mom loved it -Bonus!!! It's true blood is much thicker than water.

Dave is in the military, and thought it was appropriate to get a small traditional flash anchor. I don't really do flash, but sometimes they are more fun than you'd make them out to be. Especially this type, I had a great time! Artist of the original flash piece is unknown.

Jenn is a great client, I love her stories and ideas and she sits so amazing! I did this piece on her - found in a folder under my Facebook page of tattoos that I will do for good prices. AKA Stuff I am absolutely dying to do and the pay off is sheer enjoyment more than anything! So here it is:

I lined another skull person on Brandon!!! This time a matching sassy guy, cigarette in tow. Hopefully soon we shall shade them or else I will be one sad cookie! :( They were so fun - and right above the back ankle in case anyone is curious -

Mr. Doug got an enormous hand piece for his sister all done in one session, what a trooper. Hands tend to feel "raw" pretty quickly so kudos to him for sitting all the way through no problem. Flowers are always obnoxiously enjoyable, so add a hand and some fun background shading to bring it all out and it's like a party in my brain for me.

Kim got her thigh finished (Finally) But her dedication to Avril I'm sure made the pain process "numb", haha. I'm glad she let me do whatever shading for the filigree because like it or not I was going to use pink anyways. Kim is such a good healer I envy her, wishing my tattoos healed that well!!

And finally, Eric decided last minute to get a giant leg piece, and hey there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. So last week we lined a giant koi, lotus flowers and water. And some shading to come next week! Huge leg pieces need to be done more often, take note everyone! I cannot wait to go crazy with this one for sure.

In other tattoo related news:

Much traveling this past month - Boston Tattoo Convention in early September and just got back from Chicago a week ago. Received an awesome tattoo from Mario Desa while in Chicago, will show pictures when it is finally healed.

Also Rob tattooed a teeny tiny elephant on me and I couldn't be more in love. Healed photos soon, maybe.

Me not being in San Francisco for the huge convention breaks my little heart. There are so many amazing art shows also in sync with many amazing out of town tattoo artists being there. Something I will regret not attending, but alas there is always next year.

In other news news:

I'm on a giant sweater kick, I hope it never ends. GIVEMESWEATERS.

P.P.S Look at these awesome heels Brandon bought me!