Friday, November 5, 2010

I skipped out of October blogging. Oops.

And with the recent addition of lots of new watercolors from my awesome boyfriend I will have many more paintings to come!!! And a few new ones tonight too.

First some tattoos!
Finished one of two skully heads on Brandon! Such a good boyfriend to sit so well!

Next Heather got her first tattoo (a large foot one too! way to go!) And sat super well! She got an elephant holding a ruby with her daughters name around it. A lot of great symbolism which makes for an very unique and fun-to-do tattoo.

Autumn let me draw up just a little ditty that she wanted on the side of her foot, and I think it turned out great! She has this ongoing color scheme or warmer colors like reds, pinks and now oranges in her tattoos and I think it's such a great concept to go with. All of hers flow so nicely.

Jessica came to me and wanted a cover up of a name on her chest seen here:

She wanted some nice hawaiian flowers, at first I was skeptical but after drawing a few things out I felt confident that we could give her tattoo a make over and better! And here's what came out of it:

Amanda had some font work done in California and wanted some flowers added thrown in so here is that!

Shawn here came in to get a little Mom heart and sometimes the most simple, classic tattoos can truly be the most enjoyable.

Today I started a zombie pin-up on Jane. It was so incredibly fun and I am just DYING to shade it!! She even got her dog zombified and thrown in there! How sweet is that!?!

And lastly almost done shading Eric's koi fish! Not too much more to go just some lotus flowers but here is a sneak peek!!

And now for some newer paintings/ish:

That is all, that is all, that is all, that is all