Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl is overrated...I'd rather blog.

I'm going to batter up with some paintings first!!

I did two bird paintings one being this Cardinal, and the other (below) a Blue Jay for my mother and Brandons mother as a Christmas gift! I framed them in pretty next frames I wish I had a picture of!

....Ta da

The photo of this swan painting is very fresh still so sorry for the new paint glare, but this was one of those..."was bored and couldn't sleep so here is the outcome"

This giraffe I did for Kimmys Birthday! She loves giraffes, I made her work for this gift and forced her to go on a scavenger like hunt all throughout Tonawanda to find it. How fun, muahahaha!!

Another little ditty...

Painted this, experimented with spray paint and most of all had fun while doing it!

Now how about some tattoos??

(DISCLAIMER: I know I always say I hate putting tattoos up of just linework and that I SHOULD wait, but sometimes I get so excited I can't help it. So excuse me)

I love when clients give you tons of free range. All Miss Kelli wanted was a bird and this phrase she came up with and she was open-minded and an open canvas too for the rest! A big thanks to Kelli for a fun tattoo!

Justin wanted "Relentless" on his toes and that is what he got! I'm glad he kept it basic, no color I think it has a pretty neat look to it like that.

To be honest, Calla Lilies are some of my least favourite flowers. But Lisa may have changed my opinion on that. This was so fun to do! My apoligies to the stencil still leftover : (

Kaitlyn decided to get a crazy rose, and there's nothing more exciting than the word "crazy:" in front of a tattoo idea. Stained glass inspired with a hint of red!

I finished up Matt's "Peter Gunn" piece, probably one of the more fun pieces I have done in awhile. I still have to get a healed picture, but he sat amazing! Yes!

Taylor came to me wanting a massive sugar skull woman piece. Yes, this is one of those just lined right now but first I must say how well she sat and second how happy I am to how big she went with it. I love it when clients go big with tattoos.

Another lined one, but how awesome is it that Justin got a grandfather clock? There are certain weird things I think all tattoo artists want to tattoo at some point. I get to check this off my list. Although given the chance, I would tattoo a grandfather clock piece on a different person every day for...ever!

Trevor let me tattoo an elephant on him, soooo my day couldn't even be topped after that!?! I lovvve doing animal tattoos!

Caitlin J got a cameo lady. We have much more shading to go, but I have to say I would love to do more Lady tattoos in general, this was exciting! Let's get this going!

And lastly, lined this crazy rose piece on Christine. Can't wait to finish up! We're keeping it nice and simple with black and grey! Another awesome large one!!!

Other than fun tattoos and painting... my life has been superb.

Was in Boston last weekend! Brandon was more than excited, we went for wrestling! Royal Rumble to be exact and all in all it was a great trip. A big on the chilly side, but that's to be expected. Boston is a beautiful city, there's so much there that makes me smile. But I think for the next trip, somewhere warm! We shall see!!!

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