Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cursive Sea Lions

This year has had a good feeling to it so far. I feel slightly rejuvenated and inspired as an artist. I don't know where this is all stemming from but it's nice to not feel stagnant for awhile.

February I went here:

I definitely had an infinite amount of fun. It was nice to feel fresh air, not be with a jacket and just purely relax. Also inspirational in many ways. Attended the Musink Festival. A lot of great artists were working there, made me excited for the soon to come Niagara Falls Convention.

I also bought this:

In the art world I spit out a few new paintings. (Actually a lot of new paintings) :

An octopus for my boyfriend Brandon!

A sassy bird for Sarah!

A fox skull for my boss, Shannon!

This whimsy lady available for purchase

Hand/Skull combo

This woman for Carmen!

Slightly inspired by a Deltron 3030 song

Scarab beetle hybrid lady

And lastly - my next pre sketch for soon to come painting. Kind of like spring time ?

On to the permanent stuff!!!

Finally finished this piece I had been working on with Miss Sarah. She sat amazing, and I love the hint of fuschias in the font.

Jane got some lyrics on her chest. Also sat super awesome. I'm such a baby when I get tattooed compared to my awesome clients.

Ashley got some simple flowers on her foot. I'm glad we didn't do full shading and went more with the linework.

Did this on Caitlin, not sure if color will be added, but regardless with what we do it'll still be fun!

Janelle got this awesome Halloween themed sleeve which is the best idea ever. Period. Haha, there is so many awesome Halloween type things to tattoo it was hard to choose. This was one of my favourites.

Started shading this peacock on Sami. I cannot wait until it's all finished, we're going bright bright bright!!!

Some orchids on Kim! (The "Peace" was not done by me) I love that we did the pink highlight outline in the background. It really brought out the black and grey. We will possibly be doing this on the other side of her back! We'll see!!

4am... sooo... Off to get some sleep now!!! Love all!

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